Mayor Cieslewicz Statement on 2010 Budget Passage

Thursday, November 12, 2009 - 8:59am

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz issued the following statement today regarding passage of the City of Madison 2010 operating and capital budgets.

"In putting together my 2010 operating budget, the one goal I strived for was balance. I presented a budget that found responsible savings to weather the storm without radical swings in property taxes or basic services. Instead of slashes to services, I worked hard to find many small savings to fill the significant gap we were facing.

"I offered a budget that increased taxes on the average house by 3.85%. The budget passed by the Council raises taxes by 4.1%. Simply put the Madison City Council spent too much money. Still, the final result comes in at slightly less than the 15 year average. I also appreciate that the Council chose to protect our long term financial stability by refraining from dipping into our long-term fund balance.

"The Council also passed an historic capital budget, one that sees the long term opportunity in today's challenges. Through the new Central Library and the TIF set-aside for the Edgewater redevelopment, this budget makes important investments that will create jobs in the short run and significantly increase our tax base in the long run. These projects add tangible and intangible benefits to our city for decades to come.

"I want to thank Council leadership and the entire Council for facilitating the most respectful, collegial and thoughtful budget process in my time in office."

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