Mayor, Council Leadership Introduce Housing Diversity Planning Committee

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 - 10:13am

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz will introduce a resolution to the Common Council creating the Housing Diversity Planning Committee. The committee is part of new affordable housing efforts announced by the mayor today. These efforts will take the place of inclusionary zoning, set to sunset on January 2, 2009.

"We worked hard to make inclusionary zoning a success," Mayor Cieslewicz said. " but now, I believe it is time to find a more effective approach. I believe that we share the common goal of providing a range of good quality housing for every income level all over our City and in the surrounding region. Let's rededicate ourselves to that goal and work toward better solutions together."

The mayor is proposing:

- Creation of a committee of five alders and two citizens to develop strategies that will work toward the goal of better distribution of all levels of income through our City. The committee will report to the Council on May 1, 2009.

- Better coordination between City and County housing authorities and the use of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund outside of the City. Providing low-income housing is not just the responsibility of the City of Madison. It is a responsibility that every community in Dane County should take on.

- Using the Neighborhood Indicators Project contained in the 2009 City Budget currently before you to focus an array of efforts and programs on creating balanced-income neighborhoods.

"Both the City and the housing industry are as committed as ever to finding solutions for housing diversity," Council President Pro Tem Mark Clear said. "But it's important to recognize when a program isn't succeeding the way we want and move on to find something that's more effective. I look forward to the committee's work."

"We are committed to continue working with the Mayor, the Council and other stakeholders in finding the best strategy for addressing affordable housing in the region," Carole Schaeffer, Executive Director of Smart Growth Greater Madison said.


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