Mayor Soglin Celebrates Energy Action Month

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 8:27am

Highlights the successes of local small businesses

Mayor Soglin celebrated Energy Action Month today by highlighting the successes of the Green Madison Program. Centro Hispano, a local non-profit that benefited from the use of the Green Madison Program, hosted the event.

Centro Hispano received a $7,977 award from the Green Madison Program to install energy efficiency measures that save money, energy, and help to protect the environment. This project is one of many funded by the Green Madison Program. To date, the Green Madison Program has assisted more than 550 homeowners and 32 business owners.

Mayor Soglin stated, "The Green Madison Program has assisted Centro Hispano and many other businesses in our community to make energy-efficiency upgrades that reduce operating costs and improve their bottom line. Money saved on energy can be invested in the many programs Centro oversees to help residents of our area."

Centro Hispano Executive Director, Kenneth Craig shared, "We benefited from the Green Madison Program through the energy savings achieved from indoor and outdoor lighting retrofits and electrical and thermal savings from the installment of programmable thermostats."

The U.S. Department of Energy's Better Buildings Program funds the Green Madison Program. Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation administers this program. The Green Madison Program offers assistance to homeowners and business owners to increase energy efficiency in their homes and businesses. Auditors, contractors, Energy Advocates and Commercial Trade Allies are available to assist with incentives, financing and project details.

For more information, please contact Ronald Cato with Green Madison at or 608-266-4209. For more Green Madison Program information, please go to


  • Ronald Cato, Green Madison266-4209