Mayor's Capital Budget Supports Neighborhoods, Basic Services, Economic Development

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 7:46am

Mayor Introduces Capital Budget Today

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz today introduces his 2011 Capital Budget. The budget comes in almost $2 million under the original borrowing target for 2011 and makes investments in basic city infrastructure, neighborhoods and economic development.

"In a time of recession, my budget makes smart investments in basic city infrastructure, neighborhoods and economic development," Cieslewicz said. "Economic recovery has not come as quickly as we had hoped, but these are the type of investments that will position us to take full advantage of recovery when it does come."

The mayor's budget addresses three key priorities: neighborhoods, basic services and economic development.

• The mayor's budget includes $100,000 to study and create a comprehensive set of criteria for development of new neighborhood centers and $3.5 million in 2012 for construction of a center or centers, consistent with the results of the study.

• Funding to complete the Villager Mall, a key project to the revitalization of South Park Street, one of the primary gateways to our city, and the creation of new economic opportunities for Southside neighborhoods.

Basic Services
• The mayor's budget keeps his commitment to public safety by funding $1 million for the purchase of the engine needed for the Fire Department's double company and $1.2 million for remodeling of Fire Station #2 to accommodate the double company. After not building a new station in 25 years, the city built two new stations and will now reconstruct another for the double company.

• The mayor's budget also includes $2.8 million in 2011 and $1 million in 2012 for the full build-out of the Police Department's new training facility.

• Investments in basic infrastructure represent one of the largest portions of the mayor's budget. The budget includes over $34 million in G.O. borrowing for reconstruction, expansion and resurfacing of major streets in need of repair throughout the City like Hwy 113, Williamson Street and the intersection of County Roads S and M. Two years ago, 26% of Madison's arterial street miles were not up to the standards we set as a City (a pavement assessment rating (PASER) of above 5 on a 10 point scale). With the projects in this year's capital budget, we project the percentage of deficient arterial street miles will reduce to 15.5 %. The mayor's budget also includes a new, dedicated section for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

• Continued investment in the Water Utility, with over $13 million in investments in infrastructure to protect and improve our water quality. This includes $8 million for new and replacement water mains.

Economic Development
• Continued funding for marketing and recruitment for the Capitol East Redevelopment.

• Funding to capitalize on the tremendous economic development potential presented by the high speed rail station downtown. The mayor's budget includes funding for the Public Market, preliminary funding for the new Government East Ramp and further planning for the area surrounding the station.

The Mayor's full 2011 capital budget will be formally introduced to the Council tonight and will be available on the City's website: The Council will review it, consider amendments and vote on it together with the operating budget during the week of November 15. The operating budget is scheduled to be introduced on October 5.

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