Metro Transit Receives Awarded $3.8 Million State of Good Repair Grant

Monday, July 23, 2012 - 9:45am

Metro Transit is pleased to announce that it will receive $3.8 million as part of a $787 million State of Good Repair federal grant announced today by U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood. This State of Good Repair grant is intended to put Americans to work modernizing and replacing aging transit facilities and vehicles to meet the growing demand from millions of riders across the country.

Metro will use the $3,786,500.00 to purchase diesel buses.

According to Metro General Manager Chuck Kamp, "There has been a regular decline in discretionary funding, and Metro is glad to be receiving this and will be using it to stay on top of bus replacement in an orderly fashion."

Metro has just received a shipment of 15 new buses purchased with State of Good Repair grant funding from last year. This grant money for 2013 will help Metro purchase 16 buses next year.

"Metro will use this money to help replace 16 buses in its fleet," Kamp said. Normally, Metro replaces 15 buses. With service level and ridership levels increasing, Metro is trying to now stay on a 16 bus replacement cycle."

Metro will purchase regular diesel buses, Kamp further explained.

"Each diesel bus costs approximately $367,000, Kamp said. "We applied for additional funding for hybrid buses, but didn't receive all of the money we applied for. Each hybrid bus costs an additional $200,000 to upgrade. Our priority is buses, so regardless, we are extremely appreciative of the grant money we've received."

As part of the stipulation of the grant money, there is a required 20 percent local match. With this grant money and the 20 percent local match, staff estimate that Metro will be able to purchase 12 - 13 buses.

Through State of Good Repair grant money from last year and some remaining fixed-guideway funding, Metro will be able to meet its goal of the 16 bus purchase in 2013.

Metro was awarded a similar grant in 2012. Metro is currently using $5 million dollars from that grant to purchase 15 buses, install new fareboxes on its entire fleet, and retrofit 75 of its bus shelters with benches and lighting.


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