Metro Transit to Discontinue its Current Audible Turn Signal Test

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 4:35pm

As part of its continuous efforts to improve safety, Metro Transit has been testing audible turn signals on its fixed-route buses.

In response to serious accidents and near accidents that have occurred over the past few years, Metro has made a number of safety improvements including the installation of the audible turn equipment.

After listening to public testimony at the Madison Transit and Parking Commission meeting on Wednesday, June 10 and reviewing additional feedback received, Metro Transit has decided to discontinue its current test of these signals.

Staff will continue to research other turn signal devices as well as review and monitor the safety practices of other transit systems.

Metro’s maintenance unit has begun the process of deactivating the audible turn signal equipment on its 200-bus fleet. This is expected to take several weeks.

In the future, when alternative equipment has been identified, staff plan to assess its effectiveness on a test group of 5 buses.

Additional information and requests for public input will be relayed at that time.


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