MFD Checking Modifications to Capitol Windows

Monday, February 28, 2011 - 10:20am

The City of Madison Fire Department has received numerous calls, emails, and Facebook posts regarding rumors of windows at the Capitol being modified to reduce access.

The Department has no jurisdiction over occupancy at the Capitol because the Wisconsin State Legislature exempted the building some years ago.

The activities at the Capitol are been overseen by the Capitol Police, which is responsible for the protection of lives and property on Department of Administration (DOA) - managed properties.

The Fire Department is offering Capitol Police technical assistance on code questions.

In consultation with the Capitol Police, the Department has been advised that work on bathroom windows is being done to repair and/or replace pins that were previously in place on windows that are accessible to the public. No modifications are being made to windows in the office areas of Capitol staff.

Department personnel have been at the Capitol every day and were dispatched to check on rumors that the windows were being sealed and found no evidence that that was the case.


  • Lori Wirth(608) 266-5947