MFD Offers Tips for Safety in Heavy Rain, Possible Flooding

Thursday, July 22, 2010 - 3:16am

It looks to be a wet day in Southern Wisconsin, enough that drivers may experience trouble on roads. The area is currently under a flash flood watch, which indicates that flash flooding is a possibility in or close to the watch area. Those in the affected area are urged to be ready to take action if a flash flood warning is issued or flooding is observed. These watches are issued for flooding that is expected to occur within 6 hours after the heavy rains have ended.

The City of Madison Fire Department maintains contact with a meteorologist to monitor conditions and prepare for severe weather.
Residents are advised that standing water is likely after a heavy downpour. This means only that the system is slowed, but still working to drain excess water.

City Engineering has stocked its sandbagging stations at seven locations:
•Warner Park Boat Launch
•Tenney Park Beach Parking Lot
•Spring Harbor School Parking Lot
•Sycamore Park Dog Park Parking Lot
•Olin Park
•Esther Park Beach Parking Lot
•Engineering Service Bldg

Some things you can do to prevent problems and injuries include:
•Avoid walking through, driving through or playing in standing water.
•If you have a sump pump, know how it operates and be sure it works.
•Know how to turn off the power in your home and only do so if it can be done safely.
•Do not step into any water if there is a possibility power lines or electrical equipment may be in contact with the water.
•Do not use any appliances or electrical equipment that is wet or was damaged by water.

It is okay to call 9-1-1 for the following situations:
•Downed wires or cables.
•If flooding in the home is threatening your electrical service.
•If someone is in danger because of flooding conditions.
•Loose or floating utility covers

The City of Madison Fire Department is not equipped to remove water from buildings or basements. If you need help removing water from your home, please check with your insurance agent or look in the yellow pages for companies listed in the "Fire and Water Damage Restoration" section.


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