MFD To Begin Transport to Sun Prairie

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - 3:14am

The City of Madison Fire Department is adding a new destination for patient transport. Paramedics now have the option of transporting patients to St. Mary's Sun Prairie Emergency Center at 2840 O'Keefe Avenue for a variety of medical emergencies.

"The Department is pleased to add a new link to the system of emergency medical care in our community," said Fire Chief Debra Amesqua. "This added site makes our already-strong system, stronger still."

Firefighters and paramedics from the City of Madison will be attending an open house at the Emergency Center later this week to familiarize themselves with the facility and its usage. The Sun Prairie location is likely to be used most frequently by ambulance crews on Madison's east side. The proximity to the interstate offers a strategic location for emergency personnel responding to crashes.

"The Sun Prairie Emergency Center has already cared for thousands in Sun Prairie since opening its doors in July," says Theresa Ojala, Manager of the St. Mary's Sun Prairie Emergency Center. "Last summer, just days after opening, it showed the vital role it can play in emergency situations when EMS crews had the choice of driving 15 minutes downtown or just 3 minutes to our doors to provide care for those injured in an interstate bus accident."

The City of Madison currently participates in an interoperability agreement with neighboring municipalities to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) response regardless of geographical boundaries.
The plan is a cooperative initiative between the ALS services from the City of Madison, Town of Madison, City of Middleton, Fitch-Rona and Sun Prairie.

Media are invited to attend the open house and speak with key players today at 1:30pm.


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