Mild, Dry Weather Increases Potential for Fires

Monday, October 18, 2010 - 4:36am

The unseasonably warm and dry weather of the past several weeks has increased the potential for fires that have started in dried vegetation, most notably fallen leaves. The City of Madison Fire Department has responded to nine leaf fires since October 8.

All of the fires were easily extinguished, but the Department reminds residents to take extra precautions where piles of leaves are gathered.

Discarded smoking materials, hot engines, and carelessly discarded matches have all been implicated in the recent fires.

Leaf burning is not permitted in the City of Madison. Leaves should be piled loose at the street edge, not in the street. The piles may be covered with tarps of plastic sheeting to prevent them from blowing around.

Residents can also take yard waste to one of the City's yard waste drop off sites.
Go to: Yard Waste Sites for further information.


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