MWU to begin pumping water from Well 8

Friday, August 1, 2014 - 9:14am

Madison, WI – August 1, 2014 – Madison Water Utility will begin pumping water from Well 8 into the distribution system on an as-needed basis. The well has been in standby mode since mid-June, and its water has been tested regularly for safety and quality.  
Well 8 is a seasonal well, generally used in the hot, dry summer months to meet increased demand. Not only did we have a dryer-than-normal July, two other wells in the area are currently out of service – one for reconstruction and one for repair. Madison Water Utility will use Well 8 for at least the next several weeks to help provide enough supply and fire protection for homes and businesses on the East Side.
Well 8 became the focus of neighborhood concern after a chemical called PCE was found in shallow groundwater at nearby Madison Kipp Corporation property. No PCE has ever been found in the water at Well 8, and it is extremely unlikely that running the well over the summer will draw contamination into the well. While the contamination is in the upper aquifer, Well 8 is much deeper – some 774 feet – and draws water primarily from the lower aquifer below a natural barrier known as the Eau Claire Shale. 
Madison Water Utility will continue to increase our monitoring and work with the DNR  to make sure PCE contamination does not enter our water while Well 8 is online.  You can find more information about the background and future of Well 8 on our website.
Madison Water Utility operates 22 wells across the city and maintains 30 reservoirs, 828 miles of water main, and more than 8,000 hydrants. About 28 million gallons of water are pumped to homes, schools and businesses every day.


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