New Business Waste and Surplus Web Site Launched

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 7:29am

The City of Madison and Dane County have launched a new web site designed to help area businesses make use of unneeded or surplus items. The Dane Business Surplus Center is an off shoot of the popular Madison Stuff Exchange web site.

"We saw a need to provide a waste and surplus exchange web site for area businesses," Madison recycling coordinator said. "It is not on common for businesses to have good materials or equipment that they no longer need. The Dane Business Surplus Center is designed so that businesses can find someone who can put their unneeded items to work. This can save money for both parties and reduce the volume of material heading to the landfill."

The Dane Business Surplus Center can be found at There is no cost to register or to use the web site. The site is for use by businesses in the Dane County region. Businesses may not list for sale their products or services, only surplus or unwanted items, equipment or materials. Listings for live animals or hazardous or illegal materials and not allowed.

"We hope that the Dane Business Surplus Center will be as successful as the Madison Stuff Exchange," Dreckmann said. "The Stuff Exchange has over 11,000 members and has kept over 2,600,000 pounds of material out of the landfill since it was established in 2004."

The Madison Stuff Exchange, which is open to anyone who lives or works in Dane County can be found at


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