New Refuse and Recycling Collection Days Go Into Effect on January 21st

Friday, January 11, 2008 - 3:07am

The Streets Division will be changing the refuse and recycling collection days for approximately 3,000 Madison households. (The Streets Division serves 67,000 households and small business customers.)

"Most of the changes are on the east side in the area east of Stoughton Road and South of Milwaukee Street," recycling coordinator George Dreckmann said. "Most people in this area will not see a change, but some people will. We have also made a few changes on the southwest side of the city."

Residents in the affected area will be receiving new collection calendars in the next seven to ten days. The calendars are being mailed to the households served by the Streets Division along with the 2008 edition of the Recyclopedia, a comprehensive guide to the Streets Division's solid waste services.

"We had planned to implement these changes right after the first of the year," Dreckmann said. "However, we had some internal problems getting our mailing ready and we wanted make sure everyone would get a notice in the mail before we changed their collection day."

Residents who do not want to wait for the mailing to arrive can view their new calendars and the 2008 Recyclopedia on the Streets Division's web page,


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