No Injuries After Car Severs Building Gas Meter

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 - 2:20pm

Around 10:00 this morning, a car crashed into a 4-unit apartment complex at 2413 Fish Hatchery Road.  The female driver hit a traffic signal light at the intersection of Park and Badger before hitting the building and severing a gas meter.

A 7-year old child was also in the vehicle, she was buckled in a booster seat. The driver and the child were not injured.

City of Madison Fire Engine 4 was initially called to the scene, but when the crew arrived they could smell natural gas permeating the area.  The call was then upgraded to a full fire response to assist at the scene and to help with evacuation. Firefighters and MG&E personnel monitored and ventilated the building after the gas was shut off. Residents were allowed back into their apartments.

MG&E was in the process of installing a new gas meter for the building.

Madison Metro provided a bus for residents to keep warm during the incident.