No Snow Emergency For Saturday Evening December 11th

Saturday, December 11, 2010 - 11:05am

Probable Snow Emergency for Sunday 12/12 and Monday 12/13

The City of Madison will not declare a snow emergency on Saturday evening December 11th. Because the snow is predicted to end until Sunday morning, no snow emergency will be called Saturday.

If the snow storm acts as predicted is it likely that a snow emergency will be declared on Sunday. That snow emergency will last until 7 a.m. Tuesday December 14th should it be declared.

Alternate side parking restrictions are in effect Saturday evening for most of the City of Madison. If you are parking a vehicle on the street Saturday evening you should park on the EVEN house numbered side of the street.

Alternate side parking restrictions do not apply in the downtown/isthmus snow emergency zone this evening. The snow emergency zone extends form Park and Proudfit Streets on the south and west to Thorton Avenue and the Yahara River on the North.

Madison residents can sign up to receive an e-mail, text message or a Tweet anytime a snow emergency is declared at

  • George Dreckmann, 267-2626