No Snow Emergency Tuesday Evening Expect One Wednesday

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 9:19am

The City of Madison will not be declaring a snow emergency tonight even though we have received a significant amount of snow. Due to the blizzard that is forecast to hit in the next 12 hours we will not be able to plow residential streets this evening so we will not declare a snow emergency.

"We have gotten every street in the city plowed so residents should have no problem getting home from work tonight," Streets Division spokesperson George Dreckmann said. "We declare a snow emergency so we can clear both sides of our residential streets. But, due to the high volume of snow that is expected to fall in the next 12-15 hours it does not make sense for us to go out tonight to do alternate side plowing,"

"We do expect to be calling a snow emergency for Wednesday and Thursday evenings," Dreckmann added. "Residents can sign up to receive text alerts and e-mails whenever a snow emergency is declared at our web site "

Even though the City of Madison will not declare a snow emergency Tuesday evening, the City recommends that residents remove all vehicles from the street if possible.

"The blizzard forecast for tonight and tomorrow will make all travel extremely difficult," Dreckmann said. "If you must go to work tomorrow, please plan to leave very early to allow enough time to get to your job."


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