Not Just Hydrants - Clear Snow and Ice from Emergency Exits

Monday, December 7, 2009 - 9:30am

With a foot of snow all but certain this week, the City of Madison Fire Department reminds all residents to help keep fire hydrants clear. But there are other areas that require special attention.

During this time of year, Code Enforcement officers frequently find emergency exit doors frozen shut.

Snow and ice should not obstruct any exits from buildings; this includes emergency exits and alternate exits. All ice and snow should be removed from building steps and exits at least 15 feet from each building.

Removal of snow and ice from pathways, sidewalks and driveways also allows paramedics to move the ambulance cot quickly to and from emergency medical calls.

Throughout the year, all exits should be free of obstructions such as vehicles, dumpsters, and trash or recycling carts.

The Department joins other safety-minded agencies in urging people to stay off of the roads, postponing travel if at all possible.

If you are required to travel, please pay special attention to keeping your distance from other vehicles on the road, particularly emergency vehicles.

Keep all windows on your vehicle clear so you can see emergency vehicles headed in your direction, giving you time to safely pull over to the right to let them pass.


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