Reaction of Mayor Paul Soglin to Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling Upholding Voter ID Law

Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 12:22pm

We in city government are deeply disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold this abhorrent voter ID law. The right to vote is at the core of our democracy. Too many Americans, both at home and abroad died to make the polls accessible to every citizen, regardless of rank, status, or privilege. In the name of a manufactured problem, this law stands as a barrier between Wisconsin citizens and their fundamental right to vote. Most troubling, this barrier stands tallest for those least able to surmount it.

I want to remind all Madisonians that the Federal court injunction remains in effect; citizens do not need to bring an ID to vote in upcoming elections. I am hopeful and confident that the federal court will continue to protect this fundamental right.


  • Katie Crawley608-266-4611
City Hall