Reminders for Spring Yard Clean-up

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 1:23pm

The recent warmer weather has presented a perfect opportunity to do some spring clean-up around the yard.  The City of Madison Fire Department reminds residents of the following fire hazards and burning restrictions:

  • Dried out vegetation is easily ignited by discarded matches, cigarettes, or wayward sparks. To better protect your home, clear out dead growth at the base of the foundation.
  • Always make sure cigarettes and matches are completely extinguished before discarding them; dousing them in water is best.
  • Once started, grass fires can move swiftly and quickly get out of control.
  • The Madison General Ordinance 34.307 and the State Fire Code prohibit outdoor and open burning without a permit.  The Fire Department does not permit the burning of yard waste, construction debris, brush, etc.
  • Fire codes do permit fires for cooking and fires within approved outdoor fireplaces.  Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces must have a spark arrester in use at all times.
  • Only clean, dry wood may be burned and all fires must be attended by a responsible adult.  A readily available fire extinguisher or water source is also required.
  • If the Fire Department receives a complaint, they will respond and can, at the discretion of the Fire Officer, extinguish the fire for any violation of the following conditions, or, if the fire is creating a hazard or nuisance.

Information on Outdoor and Open Burning can be found on the City of Madison Fire Department web site at


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