Rescuers Handle Two Lake Rescue Calls

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 - 11:39am

The Madison Fire Department Lake Rescue Team was called to Lake Mendota near Picnic Point this afternoon to rescue a person who had fallen through the ice. The call was received at 3:10 PM and rescue crews arrived seven minutes later. Team members found the man in the water, about 150 yards from shore, holding on to the edge of the ice.

The rescue divers used cold water rescue suits and an ice sled to rescue the man from the water. He was then treated by paramedics and transported to UW Hospital.

While the Lake Rescue Team was working at Picnic Point, a call was received at 3:34 PM for another person who had fallen through the ice. This incident happened on Lake Mendota near the Memorial Union. In this case, the man was able to pull himself out of the water and was waiting inside the Union when rescuers arrived. He was treated by paramedics and transported to Meriter Hospital.

Both men were reported to be conscious and very cold.

This is a good reminder that, despite the recent cold weather, ice thickness and conditions can be unpredictable. People venturing onto the ice should be properly dressed and equipped in case they fall through the ice. Please visit the Wisconsin DNR Web site for the Top 10 Ice Safety Tips located here:


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