Resources For Assistance During Heat Wave

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 6:44am

With the heat forecast to extend into the weekend and concerns with heat issues, the City of Madison Fire Department, Mayor's Office, Public Health along with other city agencies want to stress the importance of public building locations for people to keep cool.

We encourage residents to reach out to elderly friends, relatives and acquaintances to see if they need help or a place to stay. Refer neighbors, friends and family members to contact the Madison Senior Coalitions. The coalitions are well situated to check on older, isolated adults, and in the past, they have offered fans, advice about resources, and transportation to locations in order to keep cool.
• East Madison/Monona Senior Coalition, 608-223-3100
• North Eastside Senior Coalition, 608-243-5252
• South Madison Senior Coalition, 608-251-8405
• West Madison Senior Coalition, 608-238-7368.

The Salvation Army is acting as a cooling center today. Anyone who stayed overnight is able to stay during the day and the facility is open to the public who may need respite.

The Road Home will allow anyone to be there during the day even if they don't have a slip from spending the previous night at the Salvation Army.

Porchlight has ample shelter capacity for single men.

As mentioned in previous media releases, other public locations include City County Building, Madison Municipal Building, public libraries, senior centers, shopping malls, movie theaters and churches.

  • Bernadette Galvez, 608-279-7168
  • , 608-261-9844