Road Closures Due to Downed Trees and Safety Guidelines

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 1:11pm

Cleanup has begun to areas affected by last night’s severe weather.  The attached map lists road closures within the city due to downed trees. 
While the cleanup progresses, the Madison Fire Department would like to remind everyone of the following safety and cleanup guidelines:

  • Do not cross barricade lines.
  • While cleaning up your property, please watch for downed power lines.  Contact MG&E immediately if you find downed lines.
  • Please watch for, and slow down for, City workers that are cleaning up the neighborhoods.
  • City Forestry and Streets will be cleaning up the streets and terrace areas.
  • Brush and trees downed on private property need to be cut into pieces no longer than 8’ and placed on the terrace.
  • Building debris can be placed on the terrace, but must also be no longer than 8’ in length.
  • Downed trees can shift or move without warning as pieces are cut or removed.  Be careful of shifting debris.
  • Madison Metro routes may be disrupted or changed during the cleanup process.


  • Jerry McMullen(608) 261-9840
  • Bernadette Galvez (608) 261-9844