Scam Fundraising Tables Reported

Monday, September 19, 2011 - 11:09am

Scammers Operated at East, West, Monona Wal-Mart and Willy St Fair

It has been reported that fundraising tables purportedly operating on behalf of the Wisconsin Well Woman Program (WWWP) have been seen at Wal-Mart locations east and west, as well as at the Willy Street Fair this past weekend. Public Health Madison and Dane County (PHMDC) which operates this free cancer screening program in Dane County advise the public that neither PHMDC nor WWWP ever raise funds in this manner and that any such effort should be regarded as fraudulent. Madison Police were informed of this effort at Willy Street, and have filed theft by fraud charges against the person operating the table.

The WWWP has been providing FREE breast cancer screenings for eligible women in Dane County since 1994. The WWWP, administered through Public Health - Madison & Dane County, serves more than 1,200 eligible women in Dane County each year.

According to Judith Howard, the public health supervisor at PHMDC who oversees the program, "It is both sad and upsetting that people would use the good name and good works of this program to take money from the public in such a dishonest manner."

The WWWP provides free breast and cervical cancer screening for women with little or no insurance. Enrollment for the program is quick and easy and can be completed over the phone in 10 minutes," said Kari Sievert, WWWP program coordinator. "It's a call that just might save your life." These check-ups are available at more than 25 participating clinics in Dane County.

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