Seventeen People Transported From Bus Crash

Friday, July 3, 2009 - 2:02pm

Ambulances from several surrounding communities assisted the City of Madison Fire Department with treating and transporting seventeen patients from this afternoon's bus crash on Interstate 39-90-94. All of the injuries were non-life threatening.

Units were called to the crash at 3:31 PM and remained on scene until all passengers were transported off the highway. All fire and EMS units had left the scene by 4:50 PM.

Approximately 80 people were on the bus when it left the roadway and came to rest in a nearby field. Each passenger had to be evaluated for injuries, treated if needed, and transported from the scene. Injured passengers were taken to three area hospitals for a variety of minor injuries and medical needs.

Paramedics evaluated the passengers and those needing immediate care were transported to a hospital first. The less serious patients were transported next until all patients were cared for. This process, known as triage, is utilized at emergency scenes where there is more than one patient.

Six advanced life support and six basic life support ambulances were utilized at the scene. The Madison Fire Department and Wisconsin State Patrol coordinated the emergency units on the scene and provided for the safety of all personnel on the scene.

The uninjured passengers waited along the highway and dealt with the heat and mosquitos until transportation arrived. Two Madison Metro buses transported them from the crash scene to the bus station in Madison.


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