Snow Clearing Towing Continues Into Next Week

Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 9:12am

The City of Madison will be conducting snow removal and street widening operations. To assist in the street widening efforts the following streets have been posted and vehicles parked illegally will be towed.
West Side Streets
Friday 2/11/2011
Terry Place
N. Allen St. from Regent to Old University Ave.
West Lawn Ave from Monroe St. to Leonard St.
St. James Ct. from S. Orchard St. to S. Randall Ave.
S. Randall Ave

Monday 2/14/2011
Clarence Ct.
Erin St. from S. Mills St. to S. Orchard St.
Hayward St. from Wingra Dr. to S. Park St.
Joss Ct. from Highland Ave. to Chestnut St.
Mason St. from Grand Ave. to Farley Ave.

Tuesday 2/15/2011
Emerald St. from S. Orchard St. to S. Park St.
Mills St. from Spring St. to Erin St.
Erin St. from S. Park St. to S. Shore Dr.
Milton St. from S. Mills St. to S. Orchard St.

East Side Streets

Friday 2/11/2011
E Gorham St N Few St to N Blair St

Monday 2/14/2011
Williamson St. Inbound from the Yahara River to Blair

Williamson St. Outbound from Blair to the Yahara River

Additional streets will be scheduled for towing during the rest of the week. The additional streets will be announced as soon as they are selected.

  • George Dreckmann, 267-2626