Snow Emergency Continues Could Be Extended

Saturday, December 20, 2008 - 6:10am

Towing Will Continue In The Central City

A snow emergency remains in effect for the City of Madison. Residents are asked to keep their vehicles off the street this evening. If you must park on the street you should park on the ODD house numbered side of the street. Details on winter parking restrictions are available at Violations of the alternate side parking restrictions during a snow emergency are punishable by a $60 fine.

With anywhere from 2" to 5" of new forecast to fall this evening, City of Madison crews will be fighting the new snow. In addition, crews will be conducting alternate side plow back operations on residential streets after midnight.

Due to the expected new snowfall, the City of Madison may extend the snow emergency for up to an additional 48 hours. A decision on extending the snow emergency declaration will be made on Sunday morning.

Vehicles Could Be Towed Downtown Overnight

The heavy snowstorm and lack of compliance with alternate side parking restrictions will necessitate the towing of illegally parked vehicles on several streets in the downtown/isthmus area tonight. Towing is necessary to avoid several streets becoming too narrow for emergency vehicles and others to safely traverse. This is a continuation of the operations conducted last night.

Parking Enforcement staff will be ticketing and towing cars parked in violation of the alternate side parking rules on the following streets,

Wisconsin Av. from Dayton to Langdon W. Doty St.
300 Block of S. Henry St. W. Washington Av.
300 Block of S. Hamilton St. W. Main St.
N. & S. Bedford St. W. Mifflin St.
N. Henry St. N. & S. Franklin St.
N. Carroll St. N. & S. Hancock St.
E. Mifflin St. N. Blair St.
E. Dayton St. E. Johnson St. from Blair to Baldwin
W. Wilson St. W. Gilman St. from Wisconsin to State

If you must park on one of these streets, you must park on the ODD house numbered side tonight. Vehicles parked illegally on these streets will receive a $60 parking ticket plus a $50 towing charge.

Don't Push Snow Into The Street

Madison residents are reminded that it is illegal to push snow into City streets and roadways. Snow left on the street poses a safety hazard and can lead to rutted streets.

"No one like to get snow in their driveway," Streets Division spokesperson George Dreckmann said. "Unfortunately, when we plow the streets the snow has to go off to the side and it ends up in driveways. We need Madison residents to move the snow from their driveway openings onto the terrace, between the sidewalk and the street, and not out into the street."

The Streets Division is unable to get back and plow residential streets a second time, and snow left in the street by residents ends up being packed down on the road. This leads to icy conditions and rutted streets.

  • George Dreckmann, 267-2626