Snow Plow Update

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 6:09am


The City of Madison has been under a constant barrage of light snow in recent days. We received snow overnight and another inch has fallen during the day on Tuesday. Todays snow, along with other small accumulations Sunday and Monday has pushed out total for the week over 3.1 inches.

Because of this snow buildup the City of Madison will be plowing all residential streets starting at 3 p.m.. today. Staff feels this three day accumulation of snow warrants a general plowing. However, we will not be declaring a snow emergency.

We are going to be conducting this operation using City resources only. We will be using approximately 75 units as opposed to the 150 or more we use when we bring in private contractors. This will increase our plowing time to 10 to 12 hours for clearing the 760 miles of streets and alleys in the City. Please be patient, we will get to all streets.

The evening commute should be fine. We have had 30 crews out on our salt routes all day today and we will continue to work on them through the rush hour.

You should find that even unplowed residential streets are in good winter driving condition. Please allow extra time to get to your destinations this afternoon and this evening. Remember, it takes extra time and distance to stop on the snow.

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