Snow Plow Update for City of Madison

Sunday, February 3, 2013 - 10:44am

Snow is expected to begin falling around 8 p.m.. tonight. Just in time to make driving home from Super Bowl parties a slippery affair. You should be aware of weather conditions before heading home this evening. We are forecast to receive 2 to 6 inches of snow overnight and into Monday morning. This will make for a slower than normal morning commute so drivers should plan on some extra time getting to work in the morning.

We will have 30 crews on right now working on keeping our salt routes open and applying sand where needed. The cold temperatures right now make salt ineffective so we will be relying on sand until temperatures rise. We will be keeping 30 crews on overnight to keep our major streets open. We will evaluate the status of residential streets after the morning commute and determine if we will have to do a general plowing and call a snow emergency at that time. We will NOT be declaring a snow emergency this evening.

Again, a reminder to use caution when you head home after the Super Bowl tonight and to allow extra time for your morning commute as we are likely to be getting some wet, heavy snow overnight.

The news media can reach George Dreckmann via cell phone.

  • George Dreckmann, 267-2626