Storm Clean Up Volunteers Should Use Common Sense

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 4:07pm

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin reminded residents today that if you plan to volunteer to help clean up area storm damage, use common sense and be safe.

"City crews have been out, practically around the clock," said Mayor Soglin. "They are making incredible progress with street and park trees, but there is private debris that is also being collected. If you do want to assist a friend, neighbor, or fellow resident, do so with guidance, don’t tackle projects you shouldn’t and of course be safe."

Utility workers and professionals are responsible for power lines, do not attempt to work around downed lines. Do not try to assist on someone’s private property without their request. Do not attempt to work in areas where Streets and Forestry crews are already working.

"There will be clean up work needed for more than a few days," the Mayor added. "Providing food and water in affected neighborhoods might be just as helpful as a chainsaw as you work to let residents know you support them."


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