The Carts are Coming (Again)!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 - 8:38am

Delivery of New Refuse Carts Begins This Week

Madison - The City of Madison began the delivery of new tan carts for the automated refuse program this week. Each household will be receiving one of the new carts over the course of the next eight or nine weeks. The Streets Division will begin automated collection using the new carts the week of September 10th. Residents should not start placing refuse in the new carts until that week.

"We are very excited to begin the final phase of our automated collection program," Mayor Dave Cieslewicz said. "Our automated recycling program has been a tremendous success and we have every reason to believe that the refuse program will be just as popular with Madison residents."

Automated collection of refuse and recycling will increase overall efficiency of the Streets Division's solid waste services. That will result in lower operating costs, equipment maintenance and fuel costs, and fewer on-the-job injuries that will mean lower workers' compensation costs. The automated refuse collection trucks can serve over 300 households more per day compared to the old system. Four fewer vehicles will be on the road, providing savings on fuel and reducing emissions.

The automated refuse collection program is part of the mayor's Taxpayer Relief through Innovative Measures (TRIM) initiative. TRIM is an effort to use innovation and creative strategies to provide city residents and businesses with the quality services they expect, at a price they can afford.

"When fully implemented, the automated refuse program will save taxpayers $600,000 a year and improve working conditions for our employees," Cieslewicz said. "The new system is also more sustainable by reducing our use of fuel, tires, lubricants, and replacement parts. It will also reduce air pollution."

Rehrig Pacific, the cart manufacturer, is distributing the carts. Each cart will come with the new edition of the Cart Chronicle, a booklet that gives residents complete information on the new program, including instructions on how to recycle their old trash cans once automated collection begins on September 10th.

Each household will receive a cart in one of three sizes: 35-, 65- or 95-gallons. Households can exchange their cart for a different size without charge beginning 90 days after the program has started. This will give users a chance to better assess their needed cart size based on experience with the automated collection system.

"It is important for residents to remember that we will not begin automated refuse collection until the week of September 10th," Recycling Coordinator George Dreckmann said. "Please do not use your carts before that week as we don't want refuse to sit uncollected for a long period of time."

  • George Twigg (Mayor's Office), 608-266-4611
  • George Dreckmann (Street's Division), 608-267-2626