Truck Fire, Explosion at Site of New Target Store

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - 10:28am

City of Madison Fire Investigators now believe an explosion heard at the site of the new Target store under construction at Hilldale this morning at 8:56 was caused by a spare tire that popped after exposure to the intense heat of the fire.

Firefighters responding to the scene reported seeing smoke as they approached. They arrived to find flames coming from the back of a utility truck on the lowest level of the unfinished structure. The truck bed was loaded with compressed gas cylinders and gasoline cans. Firefighters extinguished the flames before more damage could be done.

No one was in the truck when the fire started and there were no injuries. There was some heat and smoke damage to a beam above the truck. An engineer on site was inspecting the beam to ensure that no structural damage occurred. The cost of testing the beam could rise to $200,000

Damage to the truck and its contents were estimated at $50,000. While there were reports of welding going on two floors above the truck, the cause of the fire remains undetermined.


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