Unit Well 14 Returned to Service

Friday, October 12, 2007 - 6:04am

Unit Well 14, which serves parts of the City's west side (Spring Harbor/Whitney Way), has been returned to service.

As previously reported, we experienced a mechanical failure at this well on September 14th, which required that it be taken out of service. Water Utility crews pulled the 100' deep well column and pump and determined that the deep well pump needed to be replaced. As soon as the replacement pump arrived, Water Utility crews began work to reinstall the deep well column along with the new pump. On Monday, October 8th, the reservoir was refilled with water and, per the Utility's standard procedure, a water sample was submitted to the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene for analysis. The Utility received documentation from the State Lab that the sample submitted was determined to be safe (no coliform bacteria were present) and returned the well to service.

While this well was out of service, the Utility increased run times at surrounding wells in an attempt to minimize any adverse impact on our customers. During the period the Unit Well was out of service, a few customers reported low-pressure problems.

  • Kathy Cryan, 266-4819
  • Joe Grande, 266-4654
  • Larry D. Nelson, 266-4651

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