Visions Nightclub Ordered to Paint-over Stripper Sign

Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 6:26am

Visions has been ordered to remove a graphic painting of a stripper on a pole from the front of their property on East Washington Avenue. The order was issued by the Madison Division of Building Inspection as a violation of the public sign ordinance.

David Ahrens, Alder for the 15th District, sent the complaint to the City Building Inspection after learning about the new sign from a constituent who said that she thought it was inappropriate and "did not want to have to explain to my daughter what that woman was doing."

Ahrens discovered that there was no permit issued for the eight-foot black-on-white sign. "There is a place for signs like this. It's called Las Vegas. Or after admission is paid. I doubt most people in our community want these kinds of images on public display."

The Building Inspection Division issued the order requiring that the sign be removed by August 8, 2013.


  • Ald. David Ahrens, District 15(608) 334-1156