Winter Weather Update: December 3, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007 - 6:32am

Madison - Cleanup efforts related to the weekend snow and ice storm continue in the City of Madison. Top city staff from a number of agencies met today with the mayor's office to review current issues and coordinate cleanup work. The City of Madison includes some 750 miles of streets and 1700 total lane miles.

The Streets Division's cleanup efforts are focused on a number of priorities. Additional salting and plowing is being performed on the salt routes (these are the city's heavily-trafficked streets) that have ice buildup. The City of Madison does not generally salt residential side streets in an effort to minimize harmful salt runoff into Madison-area lakes.

Streets is also continuing to plow the areas where cars have moved, and sanding hills and intersections on the residential streets. Heavy equipment such as end loaders and graders are being used to scrape the residential streets where ice has bonded, creating rutting. Work is also continuing on crosswalk snow removal.

The Streets Division delayed plowing most residential streets until early Sunday morning due to the freezing rain that occurred overnight Saturday night into Sunday morning. Plowing those streets prior to the freezing rain would have resulted in extremely dangerous and icy conditions on paved streets.

Due to the exceptionally difficult snow and ice conditions on sidewalks, the City will not start enforcement of the sidewalk cleanup ordinance until 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday (under normal conditions, enforcement would have started today at 12:00 p.m.). However, residents and businesses are urged to clear sidewalks and make them safe for passage as soon as possible.

Sanding is advised for sidewalks that cannot be entirely cleared of ice at this point. The Streets Division provides sand for the use of City of Madison residents at several locations around the City. All sand is mixed with a small quantity of salt to prevent the sand from freezing. A list of free distribution locations is provided below.

Residents can also help by observing the winter storm parking rules that are currently in effect, including both alternate side parking and snow emergency rules. When cars are not moved in accordance with these rules, city plows are unable to plow the street to the curb, making travel and parking very difficult.

The Senior Home Chore Program can help those who require assistance clearing their sidewalks and driveways. To request assistance from this program, or to volunteer, contact one of the following numbers:

• East Madison/Monona Coalition of the Aging, 223-3100
• North/Eastside Senior Coalition, 243-5252
• South Madison Coalition of the Elderly, 251-8405
• West Madison Senior Coalition, 238-7368

Residents and businesses with questions or concerns about their street conditions can contact the Streets Department at 246-4532 (East), or 266-4681 (West), or via the Report-a-Problem website:

"City employees and contractors are working long hours to clear the streets as quickly as possible," said Mayor Dave Cieslewicz. "If you are aware of areas in need of additional attention, call the Streets Department or use the Report-a-Problem website, to ensure that we are aware of the issue.

"Please also take time to look out for your neighbors, especially persons with disabilities and seniors. If you can't help them yourself, please let them know about the Home Chore Program. If everyone drives safely, looks out for their neighbors, and lets city crews do their work, we can all get back to enjoying the holidays soon."

Sand distribution locations:

East Side:
• Monona Golf Course: front parking lot near the waste oil site.
• Olbrich Park: softball parking lot off of Walter St.
• Reindahl Park: parking lot off Portage Rd.
• Warner Park: parking lot behind the centerfield fence of the baseball field (Duck Pond).
• School Rd. Waste Oil Site: parking lot at the intersection of Wheeler and School Rds.
• Demetral Field: softball parking lot off Sixth St.
• Tenney Park: beach parking lot off Sherman Av.

West Side:
• Garner Park: parking lot off Rosa Rd.
• Elver Park: parking lot off of McKenna Blvd.
• Glenway Golf Course: parking lot off Speedway Rd.
• Brittingham Park: parking lot near the boathouse off W. Washington Av.
• Spring Harbor Park: parking lot at Norman Way and Lake Mendota Dr.
• South Point (yard waste site): at 402 South Point Rd.

(The use of this sand is limited to individual City of Madison residents only. It is not for use by contractors, businesses, or apartment complexes.)


  • George Twigg(608) 266-4611