Winter Weather Update: March 2, 2007

Friday, March 2, 2007 - 7:10am

Madison - Light snow continues to cause slippery conditions on Madison-area roadways today. Streets crews are out clearing the latest round of snow, and salting and sanding as necessary, with 30 salt units and six sanders. Crews are also continuing to clear accumulated snow from the weekend storm that may be reducing visibility at intersections and corners and are clearing snow from bus stops and crosswalks.

Streets crews are also continuing to work today on clearing residential streets with hard packed snow where ruts have developed. However, the ongoing new snow, and the need for plowing, sanding, and salting it creates, has diverted resources from that effort. Because many City crews have been working 16-18 hour days all week, weekend cleanup efforts will be limited. This is a safety issue to ensure that heavy equipment and large vehicles are not being operated by fatigued workers.

City Engineering continues to clear storm inlets in the streets to reduce the chance of localized flooding from melting snow and rainfall. Engineering is sending crews out on a complaint basis, and also systematically working on low-lying areas of the City to make sure key storm inlets are free of snow. As of late Thursday, City Engineering had received a total of 244 contacts regarding clearing of storm inlets, including 143 on Thursday alone. The vast majority of these reports were not for flooding; rather they were simply requests for a storm inlet to be cleared.

Meanwhile, Parks staff continues to work on clearing city park sidewalks and walkways. Some of this work was delayed due to Parks staff being "loaned" to other agencies to assist with more critical cleanup work. Most Parks areas have now been cleared, but many areas are now being returned to in order to clear out newly drifting snow.

To report flooding, contact City Engineering at (608) 266-4430 or through the Report-a-Problem Web site,

Residents and businesses with questions or concerns about their street conditions (including both snow removal and potholes) can contact the Streets Division at 246-4532 (East), or 266-4681 (West), or via the Report-a-Problem Web site.

City of Madison Streets, Parks, City Engineering, and Mayor's Office staff continue to coordinate the response to ongoing weather conditions. The City of Madison includes some 750 miles of streets and 1,700 total lane miles.

"This has been a challenging week for residents and City workers alike," said Mayor Dave Cieslewicz. "I want to strongly commend all of the City staff for their tireless work in the aftermath of this historic storm. As always, we will review our response to the storm and look for ways to build on this week's successful efforts."


  • George Twigg, Mayor's Office(608) 266-4611
  • Al Schumacher, Streets Superintendent(608) 266-4680
  • Kathy Cryan, City Engineering(608) 266-4430