The City of Madison offers optional life insurance. Employees may enroll in coverage upon starting employment with the City. After this initial 31-day enrollment period, an employee will be required to either experience a qualifying life change event (marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, etc.) or provide evidence of good health through the underwriting process to enroll or to increase the amount of coverage. Completion of a Life Insurance Enrollment/Change Form is required.


Benefits for loss of your life are payable to the beneficiary designated on your enrollment form. If you wish to change a beneficiary, fill out a Life Insurance Enrollment/Change Form.

Changing Coverage

An increase in life insurance coverage by one level, or addition of dependent unit(s) of coverage may be made within 31 days following the qualifying event that is the basis for the change. A request to increase life insurance coverage by more than one level, or to increase life insurance coverage or add dependent unit(s) of coverage outside of 31 days following a qualifying event, requires an Evidence of Insurability application (available from Human Resources) and completion of a Life Insurance Enrollment/Change Form.

Coverage Options

Basic Coverage: The employee's highest annual salary rounded to the next highest thousand (minimum $10,000).

Supplemental Coverage:
50% Supplemental = Basic Coverage + 50% (basic coverage x 1.5)
100% Supplemental = Basic Coverage + 100% (basic coverage x 2)
200% Supplemental = Basic Coverage + 200% (basic coverage x 3)


Age Group Cost Per $1000 Coverage
Under 25 $ .05
25-29   .06
30-34   .08
35-39   .09
40-44   .10
45-49   .15
50-54   .23
55-59   .43
60-64   .57
65-69*   .57
over 69* Free (basic coverage only)

*over age 65 rates and coverage apply only if working

Dependent Coverage

Employees may also purchase up to two (2) units of Dependent Coverage, designed to help with final expenses for the death of a dependent. Each unit of dependent coverage equates to $10,000 of coverage on a spouse and $5,000 for each dependent child to age 21 or age 25 if the dependent child is a full-time student. Each unit costs $1.75 per month.

More Information

For more information, please see the Employee Benefits Handbook and the Life Insurance Informational Handout

Your Benefit Plan: Basic Dependent Life, Basic Term Life, Supplemental Term Life, Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Supplemental Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Amendatory Rider: Increase in Amount of Life Insurance

Occupational Death and Permanent or Total Disability Benefit: Fire
Occupational Death and Permanent or Total Disability Benefit: Police
Occupational Death and Permanent or Total Disability Beneficiary Designation/Change Form