Alder Hall Takes the Lead on Judge Doyle Square

Friday, July 7, 2017 - 11:28am

Calls developers to table to finalize project

Madison is a city of tremendous value and opportunity, and it is ready to capitalize on the possibilities of Judge Doyle Square (JDS). It is time for our development partners to return to the table and finalize the JDS project.

On Wednesday, June 28, members of the Urban Design Commission (UDC) were forced to vote against JDS designs after developers failed to meaningfully update a handful of elements essential to the UDC’s charge in ensuring sound and equity-conscious design concepts in Madison buildings.

As things stand currently, the JDS project cannot move forward. To halt a project for the lack of cooperation over a handful of elements is not anyone’s ideal scenario, but I applaud my fellow UDC members for unflinchingly holding up Madison’s standards and values.

Madison, however, is an empowered city and is confident in making this project happen. I, therefore, call our development partners back to the table to present final updates and look forward to working with my fellow UDC members to move this project forward for Madison.

“The developers gave up after the last meeting’s limitations, and the mayor has been unable to get them back to the table. Yesterday evening the mayor indicated he had not even spoken with our development partners since the project became stalled. I know there’s a way forward, and I’m proud to step up and call on our development partners to bring their updated plans forward,” said Alder Hall Friday morning.

As a member of the prevailing majority on this vote at the last UDC meeting, I will be filing for reconsideration of this item. I call on our development partners to work with us to make final updates and move this forward.