Dudgeon School Park Playground Replacement - Contract: 2018 Playground Replacements Group 1

Last Updated: 11/29/2017

The replacement of the playground at Dudgeon School Park playground is included as part of the City of Madison Parks Division's Capital Budget in 2018!

Parks began public meetings to discuss the project in advance of the finalization of the budget to keep the planning and construction bidding process on-schedule for construction in 2018.  The first of two meetings was held on October 26th to discuss playground equipment age range, surfacing, proposed project location, timeframe and budget.  Materials from that session can be found at the links, below.

The second/ final meeting to vote on the specific equipment to be installed at the park in 2018 will be held on:
Tuesday, December 12th at 6:30PM at Wingra School (718 Gilmore Street in Madison)

At the first meeting, the inclusion of a "nest" type swing at the playground was mentioned.  The manufacturer's represenative from Playworld( the equipment selected by the majority of attendees at the session) has been contacted to obtain a budget quote to include freight shipping for this item but it is anticipated that this item will add approximately $6000 to the cost of the playground equipment.  This item can be included at the playground if the neighborhood opts to reduce the equipment on the main structure (which will eliminate items like spinners / climb panels and/or overhead bars) OR the additional funding can come from fundraising.  If either option is of interest to the neighborhood, Parks will need a commitment to the decision by November 28th, so that the revised equipment can be presented at the second / equipment voting meeting to be held on December 12th.  Please contact project manager Kate Kane 608-261-9671 or kkane@cityofmadison.com with any questions.

Playground Workshop Session - October 26 at Midvale Elementary

The next meeting to vote on the specific equipment to be installed at the park will be held on:
Tuesday, December 12th @ 6:30PM
Wingra School


You are invited to attend this meeting to provide comments or input on the proposed projects. If you have questions or comments but are unable to attend the meeting, please contact Kate Kane at (608) 261-9671 or at kkane@cityofmadison.com.