June 1, 2012

The process to change parking rates approved by the Common Council and the Transit and Parking Commission will start on June 4, 2012 and will continue for at least a month or two until completed. The last system-wide rate increase was made in June 2009.

The parking rate modifications will serve several purposes, the most important being to develop sufficient cash reserves to replace parking garages. The Utility has three garages at or near replacement age. In addition to providing new facilities, the proposed rate increases are needed to replace on-street meters, and to repair and maintain current facilities. Additional rate increases will be needed over the next ten years to address these ongoing issues. The modifications will also shift demand from over-used facilities to under-used facilities.

Many rates were left unchanged including: residential parking permit fee, hourly rates at State Street Campus, as well as evening and weekend maximums. Other rates will increase between $0.05 & $0.25 per hour. (See link to the rate chart.) The special event fee will increase from $4 to $5 per event. Most downtown street meters will be $1.75/hour. Rates in lots will increase between $0.05 & $0.30 per hour.

The rates for monthly parking continue the Utility's policy of charging lower rates for residents than non-residents. These rates increased anywhere between minimum of $4/month to a maximum of $16/month. This discounted rate for residents is seen as a means to assess non-residents for a portion of the costs of the City's transportation infrastructure. Eligible carpoolers and electric vehicle owners also qualify for the discounted resident rate and are entitled to immediate occupancy in select ramps.

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Tom Woznick
Parking Operations Manager

  • Tom Woznick, Parking Operations Manager, 608-266-4761