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Brayton parking lot repairs will begin on Monday, July 22nd, 2013.

During this repair work, monthly parking will be maintained. Monthly parkers should look at the signage to direct them where to park, as some of the time they will not be in the area normally reserved for monthly parking.

Hourly parking, and the pay-on-foot stations, will not be available for much of the time while repairs are being made.

We encourage hourly parkers to use the Capitol Square North Garage. Please see map, below, for directions.

Repairs will include:

  • Repairing the islands, including new landscaping in select areas.
  • Repairing the concrete curbing.
  • Repaving the lot.
  • Putting some of the electric utilities underground.

Work is to begin on Monday, July 22nd, and be completed by Wednesday, September 4th.

For more information please call the Parking Utility 266-4761.

Informational flyer and map (PDF)

Map showing route from Brayton lot to Capitol Sq. North Garage