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Park & Walk

Ten-hour meters have been installed to serve as Park and Walk areas and provide a less expensive alternative for long-term parkers. These meters differ in both price and time limit from other metered and zoned parking.

Time Limit extended to 10 Hour Limit
  • Compares to shorter-term parking limits of 25 minutes to 3 hours offered in other parking areas.
Hourly Rate reduced to $1.00 Per Hour
  • Compare to $1.75 per hour at other on street meters in downtown Madison. 
  • Compare to $1.25 per hour at State Street Campus Garage
    (near the campus end of State St.)
  • Compare to $1.50 per hour at Government East Garage (between Wilson St. and Doty St.)


  • 10 & 100 Langdon Street between Wisconsin Avenue and Henry Street.
  • 600 Railroad Street between Blair Street and Blount Street.
  • 300 West Mifflin Street (west end) between Henry Street and Broom Street, on a trial basis.

Park and Walk Program - Locator map (PDF)

Image: 10 hour meters