City of


  • Loitering and possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • No skateboarding, inline skating (rollerblading), roller skating or bicycle riding in any garage.
  • Parking is allowed only in marked stalls. Parking out of an indicated space may result in a ticket being issued.
  • Vehicles parked over 48 hours may be ticketed and/or towed.
  • No refunds given at booths. If you have a question regarding change given, call (608) 266-4791.
  • For safety reasons motorcycles should not access parking by going through a gated entry lane. Designated motorcycle parking areas can be entered without opening access gates.

If you cannot pay the fee

  1. If you cannot pay for your parking fee with Mastercard, Visa, or with cash ($20 bill or less) at the time of exit, you will be issued a Failure to Paynotice. This notice allows you to mail in payment for your parking.
  2. The amount due is listed on the lower right hand corner called “Parking Fee”. This fee is the original payment amount due plus a $2 service charge.
  3. If the payment is not mailed within 10 days of issue date, the fee increases to the amount listed in the “amount due” box on the lower left hand side of the notice and will be processed as a citation with the Madison Police Department.

lost entrance ticket

  1. If you lose your entrance ticket, you will be charged the lost ticket fee, indicated on the rate sign at the entrance and exit stations, for each day your vehicle was parked. Request a receipt for payment and save it for use in step 2.
  2. If you later find your entrance ticket and wish to recover the difference between the fee paid and the amount you actually owed, send the entrance ticket and the receipt along with your name and address legibly printed to:

    Madison Parking Division
    30 W. Mifflin St,  Suite 900
    P.O. Box 2986
    Madison, WI  53701-2986

    A refund will be mailed to you in approximately two to three weeks.