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Introducing Parking Utility’s MOBILENOW!
Pay by Cell pilot project for Buckeye Lot

The City of Madison Parking Utility is excited to announce a collaboration with the vendors MobileNOW! and Metric Parking to pilot a Pay by Cell program in the Buckeye Lot.

The MobileNOW! mobile app gives motorists the opportunity to conveniently park up to the legal time allowable in a given space. In addition it gives them the ability to pay for actual time parked only; parking sessions can be terminated by the motorist at any time.

There is a convenience fee of 45¢ per transaction, which includes everything associated with each complete parking session.


  • No need to worry about coin availability
  • A warning text message can be sent when parking time is about to expire
  • Pay for time parked only
  • Simple and user friendly
  • View parking transactions online
  • Maintain record of all parking activities

How to Use MOBILEnow!

Call & Park
  • Dial (608) 268-3346
  • Enter space number
  • Call (608) 268-3346 to terminate parking session

Text & Park

  • Text: Park Madison #### to 32075. #### represents the parking space number
  • Text: Park Done to 32075 to terminate parking session

Scan & Park

  • Download the free MobileNOW! app from your phone’s App store.

Using the app

  • Either scan the QR code on the post, or select Madison and enter the space number
  • Press the Stop Parking button to terminate parking session

To register (Required), you can either:
  • Go to
  • Open the MobileNOW! app
  • Call the MobileNOW! Help Desk at (866) 951-7275


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