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MobileNOW! Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget my user name and password/pin?
You may request a new PIN by:

  • calling to 1 212-796-5624
  • texting "park pass" or "park pin" to 32075 with your cell phone.
  • sending the e-mail to (please remember to include your cell phone number in the e-mail)

    Note: A Pin is not required for starting a parking session, only for accessing your personal user account.

How can I start mobile parking?
Simply call the local pay by cell phone number posted on meters, parking lot, or street signs and follow the instructions. Unless using a voucher, pre-registration is required. You can also start and stop parking sessions using the MobileNOW! app or the Text-To-Park feature (see How to Use It for details). Parking sessions can also be started and stopped from your Personal Account on the My Phone Numbers page. Just scan the code with your app and hit the MobileNOW! button.

How do I register?
Registration is free. Simply go to and click the "start today" button; it will take a minute or two. You will provide your personal information and credit card or Paypal data, which is needed for subsequent parking sessions. If you have an Android smartphone or iPhone just download the app from the app store and follow the registration instructions or put in your smartphone browser. Or if you wish you can call a customer service representative at (866) 951-7275 to be registered over the phone.

Why do I need a user name and password?
Your user name and password will allow you to access your personal account on the website, set preferences, add funds to your account, view previous parking transactions, and initiate parking sessions via the web. You can use your cell phone number and system provided PIN or a username and password assigned by the Helpdesk to log in.

How much does it cost?
The parking rates are the same whether you use cell phone parking or conventional methods. You will be charged a 45¢ convenience fee per parking transaction.

Is it possible to use more than one mobile phone or car?
Yes, you may register multiple phone numbers and cars, and you can start a parking session for any car you wish as long as only one car per mobile phone is parked at the same time. Car registration is currently optional.

How do I know if the system is working?
You will hear a voice confirmation and receive a text message confirmation (from 32075) once your parking session has started. Note: Although prepaid phones can use the MobileNOW! service, some of these phones can not automatically receive text messages from the system. In this case, please send the message 'park pass' to 32075 and this will enable the automatic text message feature.

Will time appear on the meter?
In most installations, time does NOT appear on the meter.

What if I used Pay by Cell parking and still get a ticket?
The MobileNOW! system keeps a record of all valid cell phone parking transactions. Parking enforcement officers check the MobileNOW! system to determine whether parking is valid. If the system indicates a valid parking session during the time period in question, the fine will be canceled or MobileNOW! will pay for the fine. If the session is determined to be invalid, you will be required to pay the fine.

Why can’t I add time on to my meter?
You are only allowed to purchase time to the legal limit of the space in which you’re parked. Vehicles parked longer than the posted time limit are subject to citation. Please check the parking times and restrictions for your parking space. You may not have the appropriate funds in your account to cover your desired parking. If this is the case, you will not be allowed to park or add time to your meter until funds have been deposited in your account. If you’re having problems with payment, please contact the MobileNOW! Help Desk at (866) 951-7275.

Can I use MobileNOW! for all meters in the city?
The Pay by Cell pilot is for the Buckeye Lot only. Based upon the results of the pilot, we will determine when and if to extend the pilot to other multi-space meters in the City of Madison. Our single-space meters, which only accept coins, will not be included in the Pay by Cell program.

Whom do I contact if there are problems with payment?
Contact the MobileNOW! Help Desk at (866) 951-7275.

For other questions related to City of Madison Parking in general, please call the Parking Utility at (608) 266-4761.