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frequently asked questons regarding multi-space metered pay stations

What are Multi-space meters?

Multi-space metered pay stations are automated kiosks that replace all of the individual parking meters on a block. They still accept U.S. coins (nickles, dimes, quarters or dollar coins), but also accept credit and debit cards, making the purchase of parking more convenient. In addition, you may pay for any multi-space metered parking space at any multi-space pay station.

How do the Multi-space meters work?

Multi-space pay stations work in a similar manner to a banking ATM. There is signage on the pay station to help you. For detailed step-by-step instructions see this page: How to use the multi-space metered pay stations.

Do the Multi-space meters take credit cards?

Yes, credit cards are accepted (Visa and MasterCard only), as are debit cards.

Is my credit card data safe if I use it at one of the multi-space meter pay stations?

All credit card data accessed by the machine is encrypted so that it can not be read by anyone, including city personnel. No credit card information is stored at the pay station. All transactions are approved by banks in real-time.

How do I check to see how much time is left on my parking space?

The time at which your parking will expire is printed on your parking receipt for your reference.

Why does my receipt say 25 minutes? I need more time.

Each parking space has an associated time limit. These limits are indicated on the space number sign on the terrace adjacent to each space. If you paid for the maximum possible time for your parking space, and your receipt says 25 minutes, you are parked at a 25 minute space. If you need more than 25 minutes you will have to move your vehicle to a different space with a longer time limit. Vehicles parked longer than the posted time limit are subject to citation.

Do I have to put my receipt on my dash?

You do not. Once you have purchased parking and taken your receipt you are free to be on your way.

How does the city enforce Multi-space meters?

Enforcement officers are equipped with a hand-held device that shows which parking spaces have been purchased and which have not. If a vehicle is parked in an expired space a citation will be issued.

What happens if the Multi-space meter does not work?

If one pay station is not functioning, you may pay for your parking at any other pay station. Infrequently, a pay station will not accept credit or debit card payment, but will accept coin payment. Under these circumstances you will need to pay with coins or pay at another pay station. You may report a non-functioning pay station to the Parking Utility at (608) 266-4761. The pay station will be checked / repaired as soon as possible.

Whom do I contact for more information?

For more information about multi-space meters or any city parking related matters please call the City of Madison Parking Utility at (608) 266-4761.