Personal Training

Want to get into shape, get healthy, and improve your athletic skills? A personal trainer is available at WPCRC to assist you with your fitness goals - from beginner to advanced levels. To get started, call (608) 245-3690.

A Variety of Packages are Available

  • Teen Equipment Orientation - $15

    A 30-minute session designed just for teens (age 12-15). Trainer covers safety, etiquette and exercise goals to get started using the exercise room. Parents are encouraged to attend the session.

  • Adult Orientation - $20

    New to the exercise room? This 30 minute session is the perfect introduction. Trainer will demonstrate proper technique on both cardiovascular and weight/strength training stations. Based on your goals, trainer will cover basic exercise principles and make suggestions for beginning your fitness workout.

  • Initial Program Design - $55

    One hour with the trainer. An assessment of your current health and activity level to determine exercise goals. A progression routine will be discussed, including demonstration of proper set up and use of exercise equipment. A workout card with suggested exercises will be created for you.

  • Healthy Start - $135

    Includes the one-hour program design appointment followed by 2 one hour sessions that focus on cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength using resistance such as weights. A workout card will be created for you.

  • Get Serious - $225

    Includes the one hour program design followed by 4 one hour sessions that focus on cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and balance. A workout card will be created for you.

  • One-on-One - $55/Session or 6 for $310

    In depth program planning based on moderate cardiovascular, strength, balance and flexibility fitness goals. Includes the hour program design, basic nutritional assessment, and one on one sessions with the trainer. One on one sessions will be tailored to meet your individual fitness goals. A log book and exercise workout cards will be created for you.

  • Duets - $90/Session or 6 for $500

    Designed for you and a buddy. Includes the one-hour program design for each buddy, followed by in-depth program planning for moderate aerobic activity, muscular strength and endurance and optimal bone health. One hour sessions for you and your buddy will be tailored to meet the identified fitness goals. Logs will be created and used to track progress.

Please Note

Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any fitness program. Clients may need medical clearance. Children under 12 are not allowed in the exercise room.

WPCRC Personal Training services are provided by Lisa Hausbeck, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, 200+ Hour RYT Yoga Instructor, and CPR/AED certified. Contact at (608) 445-9410 or email at

All fees must be paid in advance of appointment. All fees are payable by cash, check (payable to City Treasurer), or Visa or Mastercard. All paid and unused services are NOT refundable.

**24 hour cancellation policy.**

For information about each of the programs and to set up appointments, contact WPCRC.