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Rental rates vary according to the classification. The terms “Group”, “Residency” and “local” are defined as having primary residence in the City of Madison.


Local neighborhood associations, local neighborhood centers and other volunteer-based local community groups which are not engaged in for-profit or fundraising activities.

Local Neighborhood Associations will be able to use the meeting room free of charge once a month for up to 3 hours. If requests go beyond 3 hours (in a month) a $10 per hour fee will apply.


Local non-profit organizations which are service, civic, recreational and/or educational in nature; not engaged in for-profit or fundraising activities.


  • Private individual or group events, such as parties, weddings, business meetings.
  • For-profit businesses or organizations.
  • Non-profit organizations, which are other than, service, civic, recreational and/or educational in nature, or non-local non-profit organizations.
  • Non-profit organizations, neighborhood associations, neighborhood centers, other volunteer-based community groups and private individuals who rent the facility to engage in for-profit or fundraising activities.

All groups are responsible for the behavior of their guests and invitees. Groups or individuals specifically shall take responsibility for alcohol consumption of guests and any behaviors that may be harmful to any of the facilities, customers, or staff.

Reservations are required for all groups wishing to utilize the WPCRC. You may make reservations by calling (608) 245-3694.

Group I will be given priority scheduling if space is available.
For questions or to make reservations, contact the WPCRC Rental Coordinator

Phone: (608) 245-3694
Email: Rental Coordinator