Dog On-Leash Areas

Dog On-Leash Area

February 2017: The Board of Park Commissioners approved to recommend to Madison Common Council the pilot program. Repealing and recreating Section 8.19(1) of the Madison General Ordinances regarding on-leash dog parks.

Under the pilot program licensed and permitted dogs are currently allowed, on-leash (6' or less), on path in the following additional parks: Acewood, Baxter, Blackhawk, Door Creek, Garner, Greentree, High Point, James Madison, Norman Clayton, North Star, Peace (Elizabeth Link), Richmond Hill, Walnut Grove and Wingra.

Program update (January 13, 2016) to the dogs in parks pilot program was presented to the Board of Park Commisioners.


In addition to the 14 parks listed above, dogs are welcome in the following City of Madison Parks - provided the dogs are ON-LEASH, licensed and permitted. Please be sure to use the posted signs in the parks as the most current dog area information.  Please remember that dogs are not allowed in any non-designated park, children's play areas, beaches, athletic fields, conservation parks, or in any park building. During the winter dogs are not permitted on groomed cross-country ski trails.

Additionally, Madison Parks offers 8 off-leash dog parks.

  • Brittingham Park - Dog On-Leash Area

    Park: Brittingham Park
    Location: 388 S. Bassett St. -between Bedford and Bassett
  • Burr Jones Park - Dog On-Leash Area

    Park: Burr Jones Park
    Location: 1820 E. Washington Ave.
  • Demetral Park - Dog On-Leash Area

    Park: Demetral Park
    Location: 601 N. Sixth St.
  • Elver Park - Dog On-Leash Area

    Park: Elver Park
    Location: 1240 McKenna Blvd., below sled hill

    Notes: Open March 15 - November 15
  • Glen Oak Hills Park - Dog On-Leash Area

    Park: Glen Oak Hills Park
    Location: 301 Glen Hwy.
  • Hoyt Park (Owen Parkway)

    Park: Hoyt Park
    Location: 90 Owen Pkwy.

    Notes: Please note that dogs are only allowed ON-LEASH along the Owen Parkway only. Dogs are not allowed (on or off leash) in the park or on the trails.
  • Law Park

    Park: Law Park
    Location: 355 John Nolen Dr.
  • Marlborough Park - Dog On-Leash Area

    Park: Marlborough Park
    Location: 2222 Whenona Dr.
  • Quarry Park - Dog On-Leash Area

    Park: Quarry Park
    Location: 3006 Stevens St.

    Notes: Also, 3102 Stevens St. and 3005 Harvey St.
  • Spring Harbor Park - Dog On-Leash Area

    Park: Spring Harbor Park
    Location: 5209 Lake Mendota Dr.
  • Warner Park - Dog On-Leash Area

    Park: Warner Park
    Location: 2201 Sheridan Dr., along paths and roadways only
  • Yahara River Parkway - Dog On-Leash Area

    Park: Yahara River Parkway
    Location: 101 N. Thornton Ave.