Adopt-a-Park Tree

In fall 2013, Emerald Ash Borer was confirmed in the City of Madison. The Forestry Section began treating trees in spring 2014. Currently there is no money in the city budget to treat park ash trees and we recognize that residents may want to help in these efforts. The Adopt-a-Park Tree program's goal is to provide a way for residents to help protect the ash tree population in Madison's parks. The program allows residents to select specific ash trees that they are interested in protecting by working with City officials and contractors that are licensed by the City of Madison to chemically treat ash trees.  If you are interested in adopting an ash tree please submit the request form.

What trees are or are not eligible?

  • The decision to treat an ash tree(s) is strictly that of the Madison Parks Division.
  • The Adopt-a-Park Tree Program applies to park property only, not street terrace trees.
  • Treatments are allowed for ash trees that are in good condition and are greater than 10 inches in diameter (at 4-1/2 feet).
  • An approved adoption is NOT in perpetuity.
  • A chemical treatment will last 2 to 3 years depending on the chosen pesticides.
  • The cost of the treatment is worked out strictly through the resident and the licensed contractor. 
  • The resident is responsible for renewing a request for adoption each time a treatment is needed.
  • The only allowable method of treatment is direct injection into the tree trunk.

If you have questions about the Adopt-a-Park Tree Program, please contact: