Storm Clean-up Efforts in Parks and Street Trees

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 4:24pm

As the city cleans up from the round of storms this week, please use caution and common sense when traveling around the affected areas. City of Madison Forestry and Parks crews are out cleaning up the parks of fallen branches and trees as well as cleaning up fallen publicly-owned street trees.  Staff is working extended hours, and so far we have removed over 150 trees.
If you see downed trees or branches or hanging branches, please call or email City of Madison Forestry so we can prioritize our efforts. When calling or emailing please provide specific details of address or location within the park.  Email: or call (608) 266-4816.
Please remember:
In the unfortunate circumstance that a storm damages the trees on your property, knowing who call may help speed up the clean up process.
Important numbers to have
Parks Forestry Section: (608) 266-4816, Monday - Friday 7am - 3pm
Police Dispatch: (608) 266-4275, if the damage occurs after work hours, evenings, or on weekends call the Parks Forestry Section or a private tree care specialist or arborist

  • Street Tree Damage: a street tree is a tree located on the terrace between the sidewalk and the street. If these trees are damaged, please call (608) 266-4816 during work hours (7am – 3pm M-F) or Police Dispatch 266-4275 after work hours. A Forestry Crew will be dispatched at no charge. This is the responsibility of the City Forestry Section.
  • Private Tree that falls on to public spaces such as sidewalk or street: call Parks Forestry Section 266-4816. Forestry Staff will clean up debris on the public space (street or sidewalk). The property owner is responsible for the clean- up of the damage/tree on their own property
  • Private tree on private property that is damaged and falls onto private property: The property owner is responsible for the clean-up of the damage/tree on your own property.
  • Trees on power lines: If lines are pole to pole call Madison Gas & Electric 252-7333. If lines are pole to house, the property owner is responsible for the clean-up of the damage/tree on your own property.

Mayor Soglin released this press release today asking people to be safe and use common sense when working on their own clean-up work or when lending a hand to a friend or neighbor.